this dj spins worlds not stuck records
and records time, re-called, history.

this dj downloads, presses track1, repeat, plays
prepares 40 days
and prays.

this dj searches out scratched tracks
and bit by bit re-grooves
the backing track back...
to front.

this dj enters as a real player
in an i-tune town.
dancing to the senders song he goes for touch...

down in our space
books time for your face
and presses pause.

[skip back : delete : re-install
re-mix : re-kiss : re-breathe]

sender re-turns to repeat…
a dj child complete:
to global body surf / serve
advantage - local love observed.

in the light of a cross shadowed manger
this dj calls for a clear and presence engager
to open source faith,
safe risking sanctuary

this dj
this distinctly jesus
a realised humanity.