stop all the headlines
hold the front page.
make traffic lights red
and start the campaign.

we have a message
for all who would hear.
from student
to sponsor
the MPs
those near.

8.8 million's
the figure to share.
8.8 million
children dying
each year.

24,000 daily struggle
for breath.
our campaign is calling:
'end under 5 deaths'.

an end to the things that
we can prevent.
with simple solutions
from promises meant.

we promised that one day
diarrhoea would end,
pneumonia, measles
and all we could mend.

fend for the under 5
that's what we said.
millennium god goals
that seemed heaven sent.

but god works in partnership
to bring about change;
and his call is upon us
to stand and remain:

standing in places
we need to be heard,
standing where policies
have been deferred,
standing where media
seems so distracted,
standing in arguments
long and protracted,
standing together
from nation to nation,
praying for action
in this generation.

so stop, look and listen
turn the traffic lights green.
stand up for change
for the 'every child' dream.

re-dedicate goals
that can be attained:
for Child Health Now.
their future,