breathe in
breathe out

breathe in: deep, deeply receive
sense, spirit, near
here, to need.

breathe in: taste, living words,
for world in deed
and plead-seeds a call, for us to heed.

breathe in: take, all presence promised, gifts from above.
God’s call to shared work:
partner in love.

breathe in
breath out

stop: take time, to stop, stand still
look, listen, wait, pause, remove all ill.
stop: God’s heart beat heard

a rhythmic question gently learned
and talk taught
love mercy…
act justly…
humbly walk…

stop: own heart beat reacts, responds
becomes rhythmic beating answer
crying: “stop 9.2 million children needlessly dying”.

breathe in
breathe out

breathe out: be sent
be fragrant in scent

breathe out: grace, joy, peace
we ourselves have received
breathe out: love
community care

breathe out: good nutritional food to share
breathe out: the message – safe!
water, pure sanitation
speak out ‘Millennium God Goals’:
earthed salvation.

breathe in
breathe out

breathe in
breathe out