I don't want to be right - I just want to love.

Not some over-sainted fake-it painted bling'd-up tainted love.

Just love.

Not love with conditions, walls or partitions, with flow-charted de-sourced daily binary decisions.

Not that kind of love.

I want a love that says there are no lines that can't be crossed. A love that double dares to be so different - even dangerous.

A love that beats a mission pulse: 'amour sans frontières'!
A love that roots in trodden earth.
A love that's here to stay.

No boundaries to keep restrained - no barriers or fences. No drawbridge castles, moats or keeps - no self-preserved defences.

I just want life to imitate the love that God intended.

A life: re-sourced.
A life: good news.
A life of love:

to be... say... do.