Looking to develop a proposal-based grant strategy but need extra capacity or added-value sector insights? With UK and international funding experience we can...

- develop an integrated organisational funding strategy
- research, write and submit cost-effective grant applications
- set up a simple grant monitoring system
- diversify proposals for use across other fundraising segments

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The Creative & Funding Hubs draw on the experience of Making Sense in collaboration with other specialists including Mode Seven Communications and Nightingale Ink.

Martin is an extremely professional and friendly person. He has vast and detailed knowledge within the sector on strategy, brand development and successful communication channels. At CHASE2015, he was invited to deliver a session on ‘Living Your Identity…’ to our charity delegates. In Martin’s usual style he went a stage further, making the session interactive and provided a truly inspirational delivery, which received great delegate feedback. I would recommend Martin to anyone in need of strategy, brand or communication advice.
— Michelle Moran, Business Development Manager, Conference House and Not For Profit Business Services