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Little Elephant featured in Teaching Drama magazine

Little Elephant featured in Teaching Drama magazine

Little Elephant and Martin are proud to be featured in Teaching Drama.

All schools have struggled to make assembly time meaningful, especially for the youngest learners. But a solution comes in the form of storyteller, writer and puppeteer Martin Thomas (download article).

Thomas’ philosophy is underpinned by the idea that immersion is an important part of children’s enjoyment of stories and story language. ‘I believe that we all learn through the sharing of stories – children and adults,’ he says. ‘Telling, sharing and writing stories –  fiction and non-fiction – helps shape our lives. It gives space in an often very fast-paced world and helps us make sense of who we are and what gives meaning to our lives. The authenticity of our own stories is key – which is why my talks always include a little bit about me, why I love stories and those that shaped my life when I was a child'.

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