DURATION: 30 minutes

Lifted! is a musical-reading of My Mum is There and My Dad will Do. It focuses on the themes of presence and potential, showing the value of those who care for a child – helping them to learn. The production includes songs and active participation aimed at inspiring children to reach out into the world through words, pictures and music – all helped by Little Elephant the puppet.

"It’s not easy being small. Nothing is simple. Not speaking, sleeping or walking. Not counting, reading or swimming. Not even hopping or skipping or jumping! But the love of a mother is an amazing thing. With mum close by there’s no need to be scared. With mum close by anything is possible."

"It’s not easy being small. Especially not being able to reach things. Like the hook to hang a coat, a shelf to get toys, or the pedals of a bike. Kitchen sides, the shower, and a light switch are all too high. But the love of a father is an amazing thing. With dad close by anything is possible. With dad close by nothing is out of reach."

Note: More information is available on request during the booking