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Real stories make us think:

DURATION: 40-50 minutes

Summary: A talk to inspire children - helping them step into the shoes of children in other parts of the world – focusing on the beginning, middle and end of their stories, whilst exploring a range of writing styles. The session will include a creative literacy activity – pupils will write an ending to one of three global scenarios using a chosen writing method.

Aim: To enhance children’s practical understanding of structure, narrative and theme – to learn to think and write in ways that draws on feelings about themselves and the wider world.

•    Expand pupils’ range of reading and writing, including non-fiction from around the world.
•    Understand that combinations of words can be used to create different styles and mood.
•    Aware of the variety of complex situations that children face in other parts of the world.

A talk on the key themes of presence and potential in both books, telling stories about the situation of children around the world. Individual and group activities focused on global and local case studies as well as issues closer to home.

Note: Lesson plan outlines are available on request during the booking