My story with Little Elephant:

DURATION: 40-50 minutes

Summary: An audience with Martin and Little Elephant the puppet, where he shares his love of children’s stories and books. The talk will include visuals of the journey of a little poem to two picture books, a puppet and a musical. The session will include a craft activity – making a wiggly elephant puppet, followed by class participation in a performance poem. 

Aim: To enhance children’s love of stories – inspiring them to be creative with words and craft.

Learning outcomes: LITERACY / ART / PSHE

•    Inspire children to read and write for pleasure (on their own and together).
•    Understand that words can be put together in ways that create different stories.
•    Appreciate that being creative with craft, words, speech and movement can all come together as one whole creative piece.

Note: Lesson plan outlines are available on request during the booking